Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sad part about being a PA

So I am a Program Assistant for the ELS students that live on campus. I love it because I get to meet new people from different countries, though most of them are from Asia, I am still able to learn different customs and traditions. They are some of the sweetest and most polite people ever. They are grateful for everything anyone does for them.
They come here to learn English. Some live on campus, which are the ones I am in charge of. They most complete 12 sessions, with each session lasting only one week. Some stay here for the entire 12 sessions and others only come for one or two. It sucks when they only stay for a couple of months because it is like I never had the chance to really get to know them. It makes me sad.
Next month, more of them will move out. And more will move in. I love to see more coming, but not leaving. Some of the ones I grew close to are leaving next week and I am not looking forward to it. A normal RA has the same residents for the entire year unless people move out or something, but that is usually only a couple of students. None of the students that lived here in September live here now. Most of them went back home.
I guess I will always have my memories. Hopefully I can work in housing over summer, because then I will still get to work with them. I just hope I can keep in contact with some of them.

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