Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big ups to Miss Cali

So, the question is, was it fair to eliminate Miss California for her views on same-sex marriage? I would have to answer no.
The most controversial topic of today was asked by a homosexual judge, clearly meaning he had a bias in how he wanted the question answered. With it being a representative California answering, I guess he thought he would get the answer he wanted. Too bad for both people that he got one of those the voted yes on Prop 8 to answer the question and answer it truthful to herself.
Miss California does not believe in same-sex marriage. What is the big deal. She answered the question politely and honestly. She did not "gay bash" anyone or say anything incorrect. She explained herself and her stance. The most important aspect is that she stayed true to herself.
The point of this contest is to choose who best represents America through her answers, poise, talent, etc. Well, America did vote yes on prop 8, hence the reason for the riots and angry people who believe differently. So, in a sence, her answer represented the country.
Also, just the fact that she was willing to speak her mind to a homosexual judge, knowing that he probably believes in same-sex marriage. She did not let that stop her from voicing her values and traditions. She did not give into the pressure and just say what she knew he wanted to hear.
In the end, she was cut because of her answer. According to Perez Hilton, it was not her answer that eliminated her but the way she answered. I do not believe that. He wanted to hear what he wanted to hear. He did not hear that and he dropped her from the competition.
In my she's the real winner.

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