Monday, April 6, 2009

Students Protest Obama

I applaud people who stand up for what they believe. Whether it is two people or two hundred, if you stand up for your rights, that's all that matters. Especially when it comes to religious beliefs because people seem to like to knock people know for that the most.
Students at Notre Dame are protesting against President Barack Obama presenting the commencement address at their university. They are protesting because the stem cell research goes against the Catholic belief due to the aborted babies. Obama has allowed for stem cell research to be possible after all these years of Bush not allowing it. Since Notre Dame is a Catholic university based on Catholic principles, the students are opposed to what Obama is doing. Therefore, since his actions go against their beliefs, they are not supporting him coming to their school.
This is very inspirational. I am a Christian, so I also do not agree with stem cell research. Although, for the most part I am an Obama supporter, I do not his decision on stem cell research. I completely understand where they are coming from and why they are doing it.
As far as the rest of the nation goes, they might not understand. Most people do not understand why there is such a disagreement with abortion, let alone the research. Is it even proven that this research will help. How long will the research continue before we figure it out. How many fetuses will be used? To take advantage of a life that has no voice, seems so unfair. Everyone should have a right to live. It's not our choice to take that life.
The students at Notre Dame are brave for protesting a president that the nation seems to be in love with. More people, especially students should do that. Maybe La Verne could learn something. Although there is nothing like that on this campus to protest, there are other things that we could rise up and fight. Unfortunately, there is not enough fight in us as a whole to do anything about it. Let's stand up, unite and fight.

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