Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh No

I worry for the state of our school. For any school really, but mostly ours because I go here and because our budget is based on attendance, tuition and fund-raiser. The problem is that since this school is so expensive, less people want to attend here. therefore causing tuition to rise and making more people that cannot afford the rise, to leave. It's a horrible cycle.
We have the campus center. One of the main goals of this center is to bring in more students because of its appeal and to bring in more revenue since outside vendors can rent out the multipurpose room and sell alcohol. That's the plan, but it is not a stable one. Just because we have a pretty building does not mean students are all of a sudden going to start pouring in. We may get a couple of more, but not significantly more. Who knows how many vendors and such are going to want to rent out a building on a college campus. It is hard to say.
Then, athletics is being cut. We are down one sports team for next year. No one knows what facilities will be available for soccer and baseball to use. It is still a mystery as far as I know.
The biggest issue is faculty, staff and administration. People are being laid off, positions are being frozen and it just seem unfair to everyone. Those that are laid off have to quickly find a new job before fall starts and frozen positions leave departments inadequately run. There are not enough people staffed in those areas so production is less reliable.
Next year will be n interesting year. I am sure this is not the first time our University has had to go through something like this, but it is the first time for me. I just wonder how we are going to pull through this in the end. Right now, it does not look so good.

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