Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer of movies

So far, this summer looks like it will be packed with really great movies. I am really excited.
It started off rough with "Wolverine," which I thought would be a really great movie. It disappointed me. It lacked an appealing plot line and everything happened so fast, I could hardly keep up. It did not explain everything like why he does not grow older and why he seems immortal. The movie just hoped that we knew the answer already. I am sad about that.
The next week, "Star Trek" came out. I am not a trekkie, but I will go see that movie. Unfortunately, a lot of trekkies are upset that the movie does not follow the original series, but I was never a fan of the original series so that does not bother me. In fact it makes me want to see it even more.
This weekend I believe "Angels and Demons" comes out. I don't really want to see that, but I assume that it will be good. I hear the first one was.
The week after that "Terminator" returns to the big screen, but with out our governor. That also does not seem very interesting to me. I think it's just the commercials that throw me off because they confuse. I'm still not sure what the movie is about, or why Christian Bale sounds so weird. This concludes May. There is a still a summer of movies just waiting for us.
The only oe I am really looking forward to and really hope not to be disappointed by is "Transformers." I loved the first one. It was amazing. I saw the previews for this one and it also looks amazing. So I hoping that looks do not deceive. We'll find out in June.

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